If you live by a Retail Store, mark your calendars for the following classes. If you would like more information or to reserve your spot, please contact your local store. 

All classes are FREE unless otherwise noted.

Chandler, Arizona:

Stay tuned for more classes!!!

Rancho Cucamonga, California:

Saturday, September 13, 10AM - 4PM Community Preparedness Fair
September is National Preparedness Month! Come celebrate with us at this once a year fair. We'll have demonstrations, great products, and giveaways!

Brigham City, Utah:

Friday, September 12, 11AM Alternative Cooking with Jim Hansen
Jim Hansen will be demonstrating a variety of alternative methods of cooking. Jim will show how to cook using a reflector oven, dutch oven, and even your car. He will be demonstrating how to bake cookies in a cardboard box. Come learn the skills to cook in an emergency situation.

Thursday, September 18, 11AM After School Snacks by Kira Alldredge
In this class Kira will be teaching some fun ideas to make snack time more healthy and exciting. She will show that with not too much more time you can make snacks that are visually appealing and get children more eager to eat.

Friday, October 3, 11AM Coconut Oil
Come learn about the many health benefits of using coconut oil. This class will help you learn how to use coconut oil as well as how it can help with countless health ailments. In this class we will discuss why it is the only low calorie fat, how it lasts years in food storage, and will also be focusing on thyroid health and metabolism.

Tuesday, October 7, 10AM Redmond Clay
Come stop by to learn all the great benefits of Redmonds Clay.

Monday, October 27, 11AM Yeast Class
Come and learn about the different kinds of yeasts and how to use them. We will also learn the best way to mix bread using the BOSCH Universal Mixer.

Salt Lake City, Utah:

Wednesday, September 3, 1PM Meals in a Jar, Meal for One
Do you ever need a personal sized meal for a quick lunch or something for a flight kit? Are you looking for meals you can send to a college student or another loved one away? Come and learn how.

Wednesday, September 3, 3PM First Aid
What do you do if someone stops breathing or is choking? Come to class to learn what to do.

Friday, September 5, 11AM & 1PM Thermal Cooking
Have you ever heard of thermal cooker? Ever been curious how to cook food without power? Well, now you can! At 11AM Amy and Jack Loveless will be teaching about different ways to cook meals without using power! From the butane stove to the sun oven they will cover them all! Then at 1PM they will dive into cooking with a thermal cooker. It is best described as slow cooking without any electricity! Mark your calender so you don't miss this fun day of powerless cooking classes!

Wednesday, September 10, 1PM Meals in a Bag - Fish
Big bang meals featuring fish.

Wednesday, September 10, 3PM Flight Kits (72 hour kits)
What to put in them and how to use them.

Wednesday, September 17, 1PM Grateful for Grains - Rice
Learn to make rice dishes from your food storage.

Wednesday, September 17, 3PM First Aid - Hands On Class
Hands on CPR Class.

Wednesday, September 24, 1PM Make a Mix - Sweet Breads
Want to get ready for some fall baking? Come and learn how to use Sweet Quick Bread mix to make several delicious sweet breads.

Wednesday, September 24, 3PM Blessed Beans - Refried Beans
Using your refried bean flakes to create some great eats.

Wednesday, October 8, 2PM Redmond Clay Class
Neal Bosshardt, founder of Redmonds Clay, will teach a class on how to use Redmond Clay and the importance of having such a product in an emergency.