If you live by a Retail Store, mark your calendars for the following classes. If you would like more information or to reserve your spot, please contact your local store. 

All classes are FREE unless otherwise noted.

Chandler, Arizona:

Thursday, August 21, 11AM Basic Knife Skills with Chef Tess
Chef Tess will be demonstrating the basics of chopping, slicing, cuttin, and all you need to know about knives. Class fee is $5 per person.

Saturday, August 23, 11AM Home Canning with Chef Tess
'Tis the season for canning! Come and learn all you need to know about water bath canning, pressure canning, and the do's and don'ts of canning. Chef Tess will be walking you through all you need to know so you can go home feeling safe and confident to begin canning yourself! Class fee is $5 per person.

Saturday, August 30, 11AM How to use your Grains with Chef Tess
What is Amaranth? How do you cook Quinoa? Is there Gluten in Rye? Chef Tess will not only answer all your questions about grains, but will sample a delicious array of fabulous treats! Class fee is $5 per person.

Rancho Cucamonga, California:

More classes to come!!

Brigham City, Utah:

Thursday, August 21, 11AM Dehydrating by Kira Alldredge
Come learn how to preserve your harvest by dehydrating. We will learn how to dehydrate fruits and vegetables as well as make fruit leather.

Salt Lake City, Utah:

Wednesday, August 20, 1PM Grateful for Grains - Wheat
What can you do with wheat besides bake bread? Come and find out some of the fun possibilities.

Wednesday, August 20, 3PM First Aid - Hands on Class
Hands on class to help you learn what to do for a stroke, shock, and ear and cold related illnesses.

Thursday, August 21, 1PM The Great Egg Debate
Ever wondered what the difference is between Powdered Eggs and Ova easy Egg Crystals? Come and find out in this Great Egg Debate class!

Friday, August 22, 11AM Coconut Oil
Ross Lloyd will be teaching about all the different health benefits of Coconut oil.

Wednesday, August 27, 1PM Make a Mix - Biscuits
Learn how to make your own biscuit mix and open up a whole new world of baking fun!

Wednesday, August 27, 3PM Blessed Beans
Learn how to use Honeyville's quick beans in several fun recipes that will leave your tummy happy!

Thursday, August 28, 1PM Bread Making
Looking for a great bread recipe? Just learning to make bread for the first time? Come and learn how to make your own bread and see how easy it can be!

Friday, September 5, 11AM & 1PM Thermal Cooking
Have you ever heard of thermal cooker? Ever been curious how to cook food without power? Well, now you can! At 11AM Amy and Jack Loveless will be teaching about different ways to cook meals without using power! From the butane stove to the sun oven they will cover them all! Then at 1PM they will dive into cooking with a thermal cooker. It is best described as slow cooking without any electricity! Mark your calender so you don't miss this fun day of powerless cooking classes!