If you live by a Retail Store, mark your calendars for the following classes. If you would like more information or to reserve your spot, please contact your local store. 

All classes are FREE unless otherwise noted.

Chandler, Arizona:

Stay tuned for more classes to come!!!

Rancho Cucamonga, California:

Saturday, December 6, 10:30AM Dutch Oven Cooking
Class fee is $5 per person, $7 per couple.

Saturday, December 6, 2PM Gifts in a Jar
Class fee is $5 per person, $7 per couple.

Saturday, December 13, 10:30AM Beth Bakes
Class fee is $5 per person, $7 per couple.

Saturday, December 13, 2PM Winter Crock Meals
Class fee is $5 per person, $7 per couple.

Brigham City, Utah:

Thursday, December 4, 11AM Marshmallows & Hot Chocolate
Come learn how to make your own marshmallows to enjoy in your hot chocolate.

Thursday, December 11, 11AM Christmas Goodies

Salt Lake City, Utah:

Wednesday, December 3, 11AM Gifts in a Jar
Don't muffins just start your day out right? Muffin mixes as gifts will delight any family member or friend.

Wednesday, December 3, 1PM Preparedness Ideas for Christmas
Another board game or video? Give a gift that will make a difference in a disaster.

Friday, December 5, 11AM No Power? No Problem!
You've done a great job storing food for an emergency, but how will you cook it if the power goes out? In this class we explore a variety of fuels along with effective cooking techniques so that you can select the right no-power options for your circumstance.

Friday, December 5, 12:30PM Let the Storm Rage On
An extended power outage could be dangerous in our climate. Learn how to survive in a home without power.

Wednesday, December 10, 11AM Gifts in a Bag
What could be a better gift than a quick meal during the Holiday season?

Wednesday, December 10, 1PM Cooking with Eggnog
Who says eggnog is just for drinking? Come and learn some new recipes that could start some new Holiday traditions.

Wednesday, December 17, 11AM Make a Mix Gifts
Learn to make gifts that delight twice, once when opened and once again when made to eat!

Wednesday, December 17, 1PM Grateful Grains - Breakfast
Send your family out into the winter weather satisfied with warm a warm and filling hot breakfast.

Friday, January 16, 11AM Living Out of a Backpack
Trouble is on the way and you only have 5 minutes to grab what you need and go. What do you take? Find out what tools you need in your survival kit.

Friday, January 16, 12:30PM Got Water?
Clean drinking water is an absolute necessity. Learn how to safely store water, locate water sources, and create safe drinking water through disinfection and filtration.