Saturday, January 7, 2012

Taco Soup

I am SOOOO excited about the NEW Quick Cook Dehydrated Red and Black Beans! They are AWESOME! So in celebration, if you will, here is the first recipe that I tried with the Quick Cook Red Beans: 
Taco Soup

1/2 cup Honeyville Dehydrated Onions (you could use Freeze Dried Onions too!)
1 16oz. can Diced Tomatoes
3/4 cup Honeyville Quick Cook Dehydrated Red Beans
1/2 cup Honeyville Tomato Powder + 1 cup Water
1 3/4 cup Water (more or less as desired)
1/4 tsp. Chili Powder
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
1 package Taco Seasoning

Re-hydrate beef and beans according to package instructions. Mix tomato powder and water together. Mix all ingredients together and heat.
Garnish with Honeyville Powdered Sour Cream, Honeyville Freeze Dried Cheese, chips, avocados, and cilantro

Is it not the time of the year for soup? I love having a chilly day and coming home to a nice warm bowl of soup. sounds so nice now (yes, I am hungry!).

Enjoy your soup!


Chef Tess said...

This is a recipe I made from an old classic for Taco soup and use in the 52 method meals in a jar classes. It's adapted using instant beans. Instead of taking hours to cook in a crock pot, it takes just about 20 minutes! I'm super excited about it! Can you tell?! It can fit conveniently in a quart size jar so it's perfect for food storage! Put a funnel on the mouth of a quart jar and measure as follows into the jar:
Chef Tess Taco Soup Mix
2 cups Honeyville instant Red Beans
1 cup Taco TVP
1/2 cup Dehydrated Onion
1/3 cup Freeze Dried Mixed Peppers
3/4 cup Freeze Dried Corn
1/2 cup Tomato Powder
1T homemade taco seasoning
When you get to the tomato powder, just shake the jar so it works its way into the cracks.

Add an oxygen packet. Seal. Good on the shelf in a cool place up to 5-7 years.
To prepare,Taco Soup: place contents of jar in a gallon pot in a solar oven or on the stove. Add 2 quarts of water and simmer 20-30 minutes until veggies are tender. Serve with nacho chips, sour cream and salsa if desired.

janet said...

How do you make the homemade Taco seasoning? Thanks for the recipe. Janet Muhn