Friday, September 30, 2011

Spicy Sweet Potatoes & Chicken Tacos

Your mouth is going to water just looking at this picture! Seriously, I LOVE colorful foods...I just think that it makes it taste SOOOO much better when there is color to it! And if you don't know, my family can turn ANYTHING into a burrito! You should see how many tortillas we go through in a weeks time. So I will show you the picture first and then you can have the image in your head while you read this recipe:

 Spicy Sweet Potatoes & Chicken Tacos

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Retail Store-Semi-Annual Sale!

Live by a Retail Store? You won't want to miss out on the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!!

Hard Red or White Wheat  50lbs or (2) 25 lbs-an essential to ANY food storage!

Long Grain White Rice 25lbs or 50lbs-great shelf life!

Long Grain Brown Rice 25lbs or 50lbs (not all stores have 50lbs)-good nutrients!

Regular or Quick Oats 25lbs or 50lbs-I am dreaming of Oatmeal cookies now!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Grandma's Goulash

Now that it is finally officially Fall I feel like I need to have warm, yummy, good-for-the-soul food. This recipe was that for me.  This dish is simple and satisfying and gooood!  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Give-Away Winners

Congrats to Kelly for winning the Veggie Combo pack & Tiffany for winning the case of Powdered Milk! An e-mail has been sent to both of you.

Thank you to ALL of you! We had such a wonderful time reading all your nice comments! We passed the positive vibes on to the Retail Stores and Internet employees. Thank you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Give-Away TIME!!!!


Let's mix it up today with a GIVE AWAY!! This time around we will have 2 lucky winners!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reminder! Classes Are In Session

Kids aren't the only ones in school this fall, you can be too!  We've got lots of great classes going on.  Be sure to call your local retail store to reserve your spot today.  For you out-of-towners we are trying to get to more classes and post highlights on the blog so you can join in the fun too.  Here is what's going on in the next week or so. 

Be sure to check our "Classes" tab for the most up to date information, descriptions, etc. on our classes.

Chandler, AZ
  • Saturday, September 24 10AM-52 Method Meals in a Jar taught by Chef Tess
  • Tuesday, September 27 10AM-Beans 101 taught by Chef Tess

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Saturday, September 24 10AM-Marlene's Magic: Step 5 taught by Daneen Ruggles (cost $5 per person or $7 per couple)

Brigham City, UT
  • Saturday, September 24 10AM-Sun Oven Demo with Paul Munsen
  • Friday September 30 2:30PM-Sun Oven Demo with Paul Munsen

Salt Lake City, UT
  • Saturday, September 24 10AM-Menu Board Craft (cost $32 for the kit) taught by Kelly Brown
  • Saturday, September 24 1PM-Sun Oven Demo with Paul Munsen
  • Tuesday, September 27 10AM-Sun Oven Demo with Paul Munsen
  • Thursday, September 29 11AM-New Food Storage Plan (3 week course, cost $25 per person, pre-registration preferred to plan for food and course materials) taught by Afton and Jenee
  • NEW ADDITION Thursday, September 29 7PM-Cornaby's Pie Filling

Monday, September 19, 2011

Humble Seed Class-Chandler, AZ

Last week I was able to attend the "Seed Class" in Chandler, AZ taught by Kristen Mitchell. Kristen and her husband started Humble Seed in 2009. In the class she taught about her company, "seed lingo," as well as gave us some facts about the food we eat. Humble Seeds can be purchased at the Chandler, AZ Retail store location or if you don't live in the AZ area, can be bought on their website. If purchase in the store, they give Arizonians an awesome "Growing Guide" to help you to know when and what to plant.

Heirloom (Heritage Seed): an open-pollinated, cultivated plant or cultivar.
Open-pollinated Plants (Non-Hybrid): are pollinated by birds, insects, wind, or other natural means. Under these conditions the plant will produce seeds naturally. You can take the seed from the fruit/veggie and re-plant it to produce the same fruit/veggie.
Hybrid Plant: Controlled pollination

*All Humble Seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, and organic*

Some interesting facts that she shared:
-Your dinner travels, on average, 1500 miles prior to landing on your dinner plate
-In the United States, more tomatoes are consumed than any other single fruit or vegetable!
-Keeping the vegetable peels on is recommended where possible because the peel and area just below contain large amounts of nutrients such as fiber.
-Worcestershire sauce, the popular English sauce, is made from dissolved anchovies. The anchovies are soaked in vinegar until they have completely melted. The sauce contains the bones and all.

Benefits of starting a garden:
-Grow herbs and vegetables that are fresher and more nutritional than their store-bought counterparts
-Save money by purchasing seeds in bulk and growing your own foods
-Engage your family around a backyard experience, and educate children on the importance of gardening for a sustainable way of living

I have some non-hybrid seeds that I purchased from Honeyville. I planted them last year and they were fabulous! The plant popped up very quick, the vegetable looked good and tasted good. But of course there are thousands of seeds and I didn't use all of them. So I learned from the class, that since they are in mylar, freezer-safe bags, I can store them in the freezer for YEARS! Years...I thought maybe 5ish years...but it's closer to 15-20 years!!! Yea! for my non-hybrid seeds!!! You should get some too!  Now if you have questions about your local area and planting a garden, you can always find info from your local College, Permaculture Guild, or Humble Seed's Facebook page.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Class Highlights: 5 Things That Will Change Your Attitude About Food Storage

At the beginning of September our SLC Store Manager, Lisa Barker, taught a great class about 5 Things That Will Change Your Mind About Food Storage.

I always love going to her classes, she's VERY knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and there is usually some kind of yummy sample(s) to try afterwards.  In fact with any class regardless of the teacher I always come away learning something and motivated to try something new!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Biggest Internet Sale of the Year!

Did you see your e-mail today? If not, details are below. Have fun shopping (it's always more fun when you are saving money!)

Coupon Code: PATRIOT

Summary: Our biggest sale of the year! Save 15% on your ENTIRE ORDER* from Thursday 9/15/2011 through Tuesday 9/20/2011. Stock up and save on all of your favorites and try some of our great new items. Simply enter coupon code PATRIOT during checkout. ORDER NOW! Sale ends on Tuesday, Sept. 20th.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Retail Store's On Sale List 9/12-9/24

Did you know that September is National Emergency Preparedness Month?  Come stock up on these great items to help you become that much more prepared!

We're having a CASE LOT SALE on all of our Honeyville Freeze Dried Meats, Honeyville Freeze Dried Cheese, and Honeyville Dairy Products in the #10 Can.
Mix and match any 6 cans to get a discounted price!
Freeze Dried Meats: Diced Beef, Ground Beef, Chicken, Ham, Sausage Crumbles, Turkey
Freeze Dried Cheese: Cheddar, Mozzarella, Colby, Monterey Jack
Dairy Products: Regular and Chocolate Milk Substitute, Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk, Powdered Cheese Sauce, Sour Cream, Margarine, Butter, Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs, Powdered Whole Eggs, Powdered Egg Whites
All BLUE Water Barrels (55, 30, or 15 Gallon)*
*While Supplies Last

Siphon Hose

Water Preserver

Magnesium Fire Starter

Insta-Fire Starter

Insta-Fire 5 Gallon Bucket

Insta-Fire 2 Gallon Bucket

Sorry no rain checks.  This sale is good ONLY at our Honeyville Farms Stores (brick and mortar), not valid for Internet Sales.

We continue to get in new products all the time, so come in and see what's new!  Call your retail store with any questions.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Before and After Rehydration Measurements

Finally!!! What many of you have asked for! I can't tell you how many times someone has asked "If I want to use your (fill in the blank with a FD/Dehydrated food) in my recipe, how do I know how much to use since it's not rehydrated?" And it is a FABULOUS question! Really the answer that has been given is..."It depends. It depends on the product and how much water was removed." Yes, that is a totally true answer...but now there is NO GUESSING! We have made this chart just for you! You want to know how much Freeze Dried Chicken to use in your recipe that calls for 2 cups...well easy peasy for you! Pull out this chart and you will know the answers immediately!

Take a look below, then scroll down for some more explanation:

Click here to get the chart

So let me explain how this works. ALL food items started out as 1/2 cup measurement (noted at bottom of chart) straight from the can. Then it was weighed.. Then the item was rehydrated, weighed and measured again. So above you will see starting weight, then you will see the ending weight as well as the ending measurement. Wala! Easy, right!?

Now, you may look at this chart and wonder why a few of the items on the ending measurement say "slightly less than" or "slightly more than"....let me explain:
Slightly less than: some of the products, once rehydrated become more flexible if you will. So it fills in those gaps and holes and no longer fills out to be a 1/2 cup.
Slightly more than: is a VERY full 1/2 cup. But it wasn't full enough to bump up to the next measurement.

Also, this is noted on the bottom of the chart, but I want to remind everyone again: results may vary depending on how you store your product, climate you live in (because of humidity), how long you let it re-hydrate, size/shape of product, etc....

Well, we sure hope this chart makes your life easier when using your food storage! PLEASE feel free to ask us any questions. Leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail (

Good night!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Convenience Meals in a Jar by Chef Tess on Fox 10

We've been having lots of fun with Chef Tess having her come to our stores and do classes.  Now the fun gets to be shared with those who might not be able to make with these nifty segments from Fox 10.  Today's segment Chef Tess talked about making homemade convenience meals in a jar.  We all have had a night where we need to throw something together quick for supper.  How nice would it be to open the pantry and magic presto you have something  ready to go by adding water and then boil/bake it.  My kind of fast night cooking for sure!! 

Check out the segment and then below is a link to her great recipes...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chef Tess' Recipe: Spiced Buttermilk Peach Carrot Crumb-Cakes with Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Is your mouth watering just from the title?  Well how about a little picture for some added enticement?

Chef Tess made this recipe awhile ago.  I had bookmarked the recipe wanting to try it and I am so glad I did!  Deliciousness for all the senses!  They look superb, they smell delicious, they taste amazing, the texture is moist and soft, and if they could talk I'm sure we'd hear the muffins say "I can't even believe I am this good!"  I did alter a couple of things (used powdered eggs and vanilla powder instead of the "real" thing) but otherwise this genius concoction is Chef Tess'.  Enjoy!

Eating these totally got me yearning for Fall. Something about baking with spices makes me want to carve a pumpkin and think about what elastic waisted pants I should wear for Thanksgiving.  (This year with baby #2 on the way I might just skip pants all together and wear a mu-mu as I waddle to the food tables).  But you didn't really want to read about me and waddling right?  Let's get to it:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Chef Tess' Bread Class

Hi all you readers out there that were dying to be at Chef Tess' amazing Bold Better Bread Class in Chandler, AZ last Saturday. We have some info to share with you. First, her handout is awesome and step by step of the class she taught. She has given you a PDF of it (thank you Chef Tess!). Click here to get it. Remember, to give credit to Chef Tess if you will be passing this info along. Along with her handout, here are a few additional notes:

  • She makes her bread in a 3.5 gallon New Generation Bucket (sold at Honeyville Stores). She uses it for every step...the mixing of the ingredients as well as letting the bread rise in it. How convenient is that?  She can walk around while mixing it and when it's ready to rise, she just slaps the lid on! No dirtying other dishes! She made bread during the class to show us the was awesome!
  • Add little yeast as possible and let the bread rise longer
  • Grains LOVE water! So let them soak first and they will be your friend! This is when you are using whole grains (not ground) directly in your bread making.
  • Time to let grains soak for:
  •  Teff: 20 minutes
  • Amaranth: 6 hours
  • Quinoa: Cook it
  • Spelt: 24 hours
  • Hard Wheats: 24 hours
  • If cooking bread in a Solar Oven, put your bread in before it has completely risen. Let it cook for about 15 minutes with the LOWER latch unlatched, and then latch it and let it finish cooking. Total time in Sun Oven will be about 50 minutes
  • Don't put your bread in the fridge. Plastic wrap it to store on the counter or wrap it with plastic wrap AND foil and freeze it. It was go stale faster in the fridge than on your counter.