Monday, August 8, 2011

Preparedness Fair Giveaway Winners

We had such a fun time at Salt Lake's Preparedness Fair over the weekend!  Here are the lucky winners from the Giveaway:

Sun Oven-Shirley Cash*
Stove Tec-Shawn Draper
Water Brick-Nancy Allen
Water Brick-Rachel Miller
Water Brick-John Cutler
Water Brick-Terry Oler
Sprout Garden-Dianne Stevenson*
Honeyville Honeys (set of 3)-Reid Newmann
Chef Tess Spice Set-Laura Hansen
Emergency Toilet-Richard Hogeba
Glen Weeks Consultation-Beth Whitaker*
Glen Weeks Consultation-Jim Gregson
Glen Weeks Consultation-Carol Houghton
First Aid Kit-Kailien Vernon
* already picked up prize

To claim your prize just head on in to the Salt Lake Store.  They are open Monday through Friday 9AM-6PM and Saturdays 10AM-4PM.

Thanks for all the vendors that participated, teachers that taught classes, and of course YOU for being such great customers and readers!

Happy Monday Everyone!


birgit1040 said...

Congrats to all the winers!!! :)

Chef Tess said...

One of the biggest highlights of my year was being at the preparedness fair! I loved teaching and I especially loved meeting all the amazing people at Honeyville! Thank you for having me there. Big hugs to you and yours! Xoxo. Smooches!! Chef Tess.