Monday, July 18, 2011

New Sale Items and Coupons-Retail Stores

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Here's what's on sale at our retail stores until July 30th:

Case Lot Sale on all of our TVP #10 Cans 
Choose any 6 cans and you get 15% OFF EACH can!
TVP Flavors Include: Bacon, Beef, Chicken, Chili, Ham, Sausage, Taco, and Unflavored
Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Broccoli #10 (6.4 oz) Can

Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Apricots #10 (12 oz) Can

Honeyville Farms Chocolate Milk Substitute #10 (5 lbs) Can

Honeyville Farms Regular Milk Substitute #10 (4 lbs) Can

Honeyville Farms Powdered Shortening #10 (2.5 lbs) Can

Honeyville Farms Black Beans #10 (4.5 lbs) Can

Honeyville Farms Pinto Beans #10 (5 lbs) Can

Hard Red Wheat 50 lbs and 25 lbs Bags

Honeyville Farms Potato Flakes 10 lbs Bucket

Honeyville Farms Potato Slices 10 lbs Bucket

And when you go shopping don't forget to print out these coupons:

Sorry no rain checks!  This sale is good ONLY at our Honeyville Farms Retail Stores, not valid for Internet sales.

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