Monday, June 27, 2011

Retail Store Sale Items

New Retail Store Sales!! Starts today and goes through Saturday, July 16th. Make sure you call your Retail Store for pricing and product availibility.

All of our Honeyville Farms Smoothie Mixes are 15% OFF 
Peaches & Cream, Tropical Monsoon, Strawberry/Kiwi and Wild Berry!  Try making them with ice cream or add some fresh or freeze dried fruits.  What a tasty, refreshing treat on those HOT summer days!

Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Blueberries 12 oz Can

Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Strawberries 6 oz Can 

Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Mixed Bell Pepper 4 oz Can 

Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Chicken (all white meat) 23 oz Can

Honeyville Farms Brownie Mix 4 lbs

Honeyville Farms Brownie Mix 19.8 oz

 Red, White & Blue Gamma Lids

 Grandma Goodies Granola 2 lb bags 15% off

Mountain House Pouches, All single, 2 & 4 person servings, 10% OFF  

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