Thursday, March 31, 2011

Semi-Annual Sale Items

It is that time of the year again....Semi-Annual Sale for the Retail Stores!!!!! The Sale started today and goes through Saturday, April 16th. Call your local store for pricing:

Hard Red or White Wheat 50 lbs 

Hard Red or White Wheat 25 lbs 

Long Grain White Rice 50 lbs 

Long Grain White Rice 25 lbs 

Regular or Quick Oats 50 lbs 

Regular or Quick Oats 25 lbs   

Steamtable Oats 25 lbs  

Freeze Dried Asparagus 5 oz 

Freeze Dried Corn 1.25 lbs 

Freeze Dried Bananas 12 oz 

Regular Milk Substitute 25 lbs 

Chocolate Milk Substitute 25 lbs 

Non Fat, Non instant Dry Milk 50 lbs 

6 Gallon Bucket with lid 

6 Gallon Gamma Lid 

5 Gallon Water Stacker 

Emergency Radio:  A must have for your emergency supplies, this radio is hand crank, solar or battery charged and has a LED flashlight, AM/FM and weather band radio.

Insta-fire 2 Gallon Bucket   

Canned Non-hybrid Garden Seeds: Contains 16 Jumbo sized packets, ideal for emergency and survival preparedness storage.

See you at the Retail Store!

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