Monday, February 21, 2011

Retail Store Coupons

Did you know that on the Retail Store's website, there are printable coupons that you can take into the Retail Store and use? These are exceptional coupons! Sometimes they are good for just a few days, sometimes a week, but most often they are good for 3 weeks. Callie and I are going to do our best to keep you updated on when these coupons change and what they are....but always check the website before you head in to do your shopping, you may be surprised what you find!

A new coupon was put up today and is good through THIS SATURDAY only!!! But this is an AWESOME coupon! 20% off Freeze Dried #10 can of Mozzarella Cheese (up to 12 cans!)

Print off the coupon and have fun shopping! (the Mozzarella Cheese is yummy!)


Teresa S. said...

For those of us who don't live close to a retail store, is it in the future to make those coupons effective on-line? (hint, hint):)

Cookin' Cousins said...

Thanks for the comment.... We will pass along the info and hopefully in the future we will be able to make these coupons effective for on line use too!